Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quit Trying to Get the Laundry Done!

I was going to write a book with this name - then I changed it to "Stop Basing Your Self-Esteem on Your Laundry". I changed it again but in reality the likelihood of it ever being written is so remote that it really doesn't even NEED a name - after all, an unwritten book by ANY name is still the same - right? Where was I? Oh, yes. The first name was concocted when I had three small children and a fourth very close to coming and we were moving every three months for rotations in our last year of school, and EVERY time I would feel the relief of an empty laundry basket someone would throw up all over blankets and sheets and beds and towels and carpet - the result was a WHOLE heap of frustration - but not maybe fore the reason you would think. Yes, I would prefer my children to always be well and yes, I would prefer not to have to rinse a regurgitated lunch out of a blanket - but my biggest gripe in the process was that now my laundry was not done AGAIN! Ridiculous. That is when I started thinking (I realize that I am slow but you have to give me credit - if I had started thinking before how on earth could you be quite so entertained by this dang blog?) um... thinking... even when the laundry is done - and I mean DONE DONE - I would come home from doing it (at this point I was using a Laundromat because a washer and dryer didn't fit into the back of our mini-van and if it didn't fit - it didn't come), put it in the collapsible stackers (we didn't have dressers either - see the reason above), be all sweaty from doing laundry for 5 people - including carrying it up and down stairs, loading it in and out of a van, not to mention the washing, drying and folding of it all - and then I am exhausted and (guess what?) stinky! So even at the end of laundry day - I had dirty laundry - and so (here is the much belabored point) - Quit trying to get the laundry done. There really is no reason to make that your major stress point - because it isn't going to happen. Stress about something that you CAN make happen or that will stay COMPLETED for longer - or HECK! Don't stress at all!

Maybe tomorrow I will write about how I started changing my idea of "DONE". I know - you can't wait - can you?


  1. Hey, even a book that HAS been written doesn't need a title, right? :)

  2. That is great! I am going to adopt that attitude about laundry.
    So, you want to go to the game at BYU-I this weekend?? Check out the guys? Oh wait.. that is wrong.. we are almost old enough to be their mothers!!!!!!!

  3. Hilarious. I just posted something about laundry. I've given up on that ridiculous room as well. I'm just grateful I have a room to close the door and forget about the piles in. Right. Did that make sense?

  4. Hey my motto is, "I am done with laundry for TODAY!!!